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Joshua Kettlewell

Ph.D Student,
Singapore University
of Technology and Design

Party lights

This page is still under constructon!

This page is still under constructon!

Every year for Halloween we have a party. So far they have all been fantastic - so I wanted to make a little effort to document how they were set up.

After the success of last years halloween party we once again constructed party lights for the event this year.

This was once again similar to last years set up - we have a audunio acting as slave to the pi which is running the LED strips. Unfortunately there don't seem to be many videos of the final product! I've pulled all the ones I could of Facebook but alas - I guess you just had to be there!

Utilising the esquillo

DSA has a nice write up of using the esquilo here, its an interesting board but we had some problems getting it working.

wintercroft dragon custume paper craft

I made my costume using a design from Wintercroft which inclused the mask and claws. This took about 4 hours to compolete but it was quite enjoyable - I enjoy paper craft and usually make a new piece of origarmi to use as a bookmark in each book I go through. Initially I wanted to simply use a spraypainted T-Shirt as the body but the effect was a little dissapointing, so instead I opted to cover the entire shirt in scales made from cardboard which were fastened with split pins (usually used used for binding papers together).

This years costume was as a LED stickman. This was inspired by this video and was actually easy to construct in a single evening. I bought a black shirt from Uniqlo and the LED cable from Sim Lim Square and simple connected it in series to a battery pack of AAA batteries. The led was then crudely stitched to my shirt and jeans using black cotton which was impossible to see in the dark.

Unfortunately this years costume was a little weak - I used a Batik cloth with a solo pattern I'd picked up Yogyakarta and a mask as an easy costume. I spent a little more time constructing the party lights. We made a shot block again but this time didn't add the LED lighting inside. This once again proved to be incredibly popular, even if it isn't incredibly efficient.